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Cadrex opens second plant in Nuevo Leon

NUEVO LEON – With an investment of US$10 million, Cadrex de México, a U.S. company with over 70 years of expertise in manufacturing metal-mechanical products, inaugurated its second facility in Ciudad Benito Juárez, Nuevo León.

The new facility will specialize in manufacturing metal components for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is projected to create 400 new positions, bringing the total to 1,000 jobs in the state.

Cadrex de México’s primary clientele includes significant firms in the technology and digital infrastructure sectors. Thanks to its experience, quality, and production capacity, the company has emerged as a leading supplier of metal components for the technology industry.

Cadrex provides high-quality fabricated sheet metal parts, stamped parts, mechanical assemblies, injection molding, welding, and full integrations at our 255,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Monterrey. The site offers both sheet metal fabrication and injection molding capabilities, which means increased potential at one location. Our customers can also tap into the breadth of capabilities and resources available throughout the Cadrex network. As the foremost sheet metal manufacturer in North America, we invest in new capabilities, automation, and robotics to deliver high-quality fabricated sheet metal parts to innovative companies.

Operating out of North America allows Cadrex to provide beneficial services that wouldn’t be possible in overseas manufacturing operations. Our geography alone can reduce shipping costs and decrease volatility and lead times for products that ultimately end up in the western hemisphere.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Darin Cluase, President of Cadrex de México; Mark Dandari, Vice President of Operations; Luis Arredondo, General Manager of Cadrex Monterrey; Diana Vidal, Cluster Director of the Nuevo León Ministry of Economy; Yoelle Rojas, Director of the CLELAC home appliance cluster; and Antonio Pineda, Conasim union delegate.

The establishment of this new facility represents a significant boost for Nuevo Leon‘s economy, as it will generate new employment opportunities and enhance the state’s presence in the technology industry.


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