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Details of processed water facilities scrutinized for Tesla’s arrival in Nuevo Leon

NUEVO LEON – To enhance conditions for leveraging nearshoring opportunities and the influx of additional companies, the Governor of Nuevo Leon conducted an inspection tour to inaugurate projects for the regional development of the West Zone of Santa Catarina and water treatment infrastructure for the forthcoming Tesla factory.

Accompanied by state and municipal authorities, Samuel Garcia emphasized that enhancing road and water infrastructure represents a pivotal stride towards the economic and societal advancement of the region, fostering improved prospects for state growth and well-being.

During the excursion, emphasis was placed on the projection that the area earmarked for the Tesla plant will witness unparalleled growth nationwide, potentially attracting up to $30 billion in investments over the next three years.

Furthermore, it was noted that the Santa Catarina area is poised to emerge as a hub for electromobility, facilitating the production of the highest volume of electric vehicles globally.

Addressing sustainability concerns, the Governor underscored that Nuevo León will exclusively permit the establishment of environmentally-friendly companies employing treated water in their manufacturing processes, alongside the incorporation of solar panels, renewable energies, and offering higher-paying employment opportunities.

García Sepúlveda outlined that Agua y Drenaje is formulating a multi-phase project to ensure the availability of potable water for human consumption in Santa Catarina, San Pedro, García, and surrounding areas, as well as treated water for this burgeoning green industry of the future.


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