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AICM obtains $130 million investment

MEXICO CITY – Amidst the transition of Federal Government this year, the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) is set to channel $130 million into maintenance, preservation, and modernization endeavors.

This was disclosed by Rear Admiral José Ramón Rivera Parga, the AICM’s general director, during a morning briefing on May 2. He outlined that out of this sum, $88 million are allocated from governmental funds, while $41 million stem from the airport’s own resources.

He emphasized that several of these initiatives are already underway, with the majority being subjected to public tender processes.

The executive detailed that $33 million will be earmarked for procuring 18 X-ray machines and 10 CT scanners to revamp the baggage screening infrastructure, replacing aging equipment. Additionally, 17 X-ray machines and 12 explosives detectors will be acquired to fortify screening checkpoints.

He further revealed that $32.3 million will go towards rehabilitating the runways, with work already initiated this month on runway 05 right 23 left. The endeavor encompasses asphalt surface cutting and replacement, margin improvements, safety enhancements, trench modifications, and the overhaul of electrical and LED lighting systems.

$28.9 million will be channeled into diverse preventative and corrective maintenance activities, including roof waterproofing, leak repairs, rainwater drainage system fixes, building painting, and ceiling and floor replacements in certain areas.

Additionally, tasks such as taxiway pothole repairs, runway rubber contamination mitigation, operational area grass cutting, and baggage belt maintenance will be undertaken.

Rivera Parga highlighted that $19.6 million will be dedicated to rehabilitating the Bravo taxiway, a crucial thoroughfare for Terminal 1 aircraft. He underscored that this refurbishment is necessitated by foundational settlement issues and water infiltration, requiring reconstruction from the base upward.


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