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ZC RUBBER to invest US$597 million in Coahuila

COAHUILA – With an infusion exceeding US$597 million, the Chinese firm ZC RUBBER will establish operations in Coahuila.

Governor Manolo Jimenez of Coahuila heralded this substantial investment, anticipating the creation of myriad employment opportunities. He emphasized that this venture represents just the inaugural phase of a series of investments earmarked for the state, a direct outcome of intensive economic outreach initiatives across Asia.

This endeavor commenced several months prior, initiated during Governor Jimenez’s inaugural Asian tour. Subsequently, during a follow-up promotional campaign, he seized the opportunity to sustain momentum and engage in fruitful discussions with Jin Rong Shen, the company’s president, and HaoYu Shen, the vice president. Together, they unveiled this monumental undertaking poised to invigorate the state’s economic landscape.

“From Shanghai, in concert with our Pro Coahuila contingent and ZC RUBBER‘s executive leadership, we formalized the investment pledge from this esteemed Asian conglomerate into Coahuila. With a commitment exceeding US$597 million, this endeavor promises to catalyze the creation of numerous job opportunities for our populace. The commencement of economic gains from this diplomatic excursion is palpable, with further announcements on the horizon in the days ahead,” remarked Jimenez Salinas.

ZC RUBBER presently ranks among China’s top 500 manufacturers, boasting a portfolio encompassing renowned tire brands such as Chaoyang, Westlake, Goodride, Trajano, Yartu, and Arisun, alongside Zhongce Auto Space aftermarket services.

Furthermore, the conglomerate maintains 11 key manufacturing facilities domestically and abroad, along with an extensive network comprising over 1,200 distributors spanning across 160 nations.

The unveiling of this investment follows deliberations held during the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, where Coahuila officials convened with automotive industry stakeholders expressing interest in investing within the Central and Laguna regions.

Governor Jimenez underscored ongoing collaboration with Coahuila’s industrial park stakeholders to facilitate the realization of pivotal projects of this nature, hinting at forthcoming investment announcements in the near future.


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