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Endurance Motive investment in Puebla for Lithium battery assembly

PUEBLA – The shift towards electric mobility in Mexico, coupled with record vehicle manufacturing and export figures, continues to attract Foreign Direct Investment to the nation. Therefore, it requires lithium battery manufacturers.

Sergio Salomón, the Governor of Puebla, has affirmed the establishment of Mexico’s inaugural lithium battery assembly facility for micro electromobility.

This endeavor is led by the Spanish firm Endurance Motive, which specializes in the production of lithium batteries for electromobility in industrial, marine, and urban mobility sectors. They operate within three sectors: Industrial Traction (Forklifts), Maritime and Recreational Watercraft, and Urban Electric Transportation.

During the gathering, Governor Salomón underscored that this investment underscores his administration’s dedication to fostering public policies that create optimal conditions for investments in the state. He also emphasized the tangible outcomes of initiatives supporting electric mobility.

Also in attendance at the meeting were the Secretary of Economy, Olivia Salomón; the Acting Chief of the Puebla State Energy Agency, Ermilo Barrera Novelo, in addition to corporate leaders.

About Endurance Motive: Manufactures lithium battery

Endurance Motive, founded by Carlos Navarro and Ander Muelas, is a company that emerges at the moment when the world is reaching a turning point in the development of electric mobility.

The company designs and manufactures lithium-ion batteries for key sectors in the decarbonization of transportation, such as the industrial intralogistics sector, the marine sector, and the last-mile transportation sector. They develop tailor-made solutions that encompass everything from the necessary sizing for each application, the components to ensure system safety, to remote monitoring aimed at ensuring battery efficiency, safety, and lifespan.

Built upon principles of continuous improvement, Endurance Motive prepares itself day by day to embrace the exponential growth that the electromobility sector is poised to experience in this decade. Committed to the concepts of quality and efficiency, their products, services, and production processes incorporate techniques and manufacturing protocols from the automotive industry.

In doing so, the company aims to be a part of the new industrial revolution centered around electric and sustainable mobility, thereby contributing to the decarbonization of the planet and the fight against climate change.



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