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Google Cloud will install some of its operations in Queretaro

QUERETARO – Google Cloud announced that it will install a Cloud region in Querétaro, Mexico, months after announcing its installation in the country. Other locations in Latin America include Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Santiago de Chile.

In the past year, Google Cloud has launched node services and has become a validator to deploy nodes for blockchain and Web 3.0 projects such as Tezos, Aptos, and Solana. Nodes are essential for maintaining the operation of a blockchain network in cryptocurrencies.

The director of Google Cloud Mexico, Julio Velázquez, made the announcement:

“A new, cleaner cloud region in the market democratizes the game so that more companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and developers can work faster than ever, with lower latency, greater availability of applications, and accessing the latest technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.” The executive explained that with the installation of the Cloud region, they will be able to increase their assistance to technological projects such as machine learning and AI. Its location will support Latin America and contribute to Mexico’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with 226.3 billion pesos and create 117,400 jobs by 2030.

Julio Velázquez emphasized that Google Cloud has 35 Cloud regions and 106 zones worldwide. Google Cloud supports companies and organizations with hardware, software, and operations that require Cloud services.

At the end of 2022, Google Cloud announced that it would introduce a cryptographic node hosting service called “Blockchain Node Engine.” Initially, the platform only supported Ethereum node hosting, which would streamline the tedious process of manually setting up a node. Google Cloud is the fourth technology company to reaffirm its investment in a data center in Querétaro, Mexico, others that have recently done so are: KIO Networks, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), investments that were announced almost at the same time as Elon Musk’s Gigafactory in Monterrey, Mexico.

BeInCrypto reported that developers can implement nodes in a single operation by specifying which network the node will run on, such as the test network or the main network, and which Cloud region they prefer.

One of the most acclaimed supports was Aptos, created by former Meta employees, who announced at the end of 2022 their alliance with Google Cloud to launch a Web 3.0 project accelerator program, as well as to boost validation nodes, among other services.

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