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CFE will invest US$24 million in Aguascalientes

AGUASCALIENTES – In a gathering with the Aguascalientes State Business Council (CEEA), the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) ensured that the state’s electricity supply is secured, and that an investment of US$24 million in electricity infrastructure is planned for this year and next year alone.

The investment will be directed towards regions with inadequate power supply, which will be furnished with substations, transmission lines, capacitor banks, and high voltage lines.

Meanwhile, the State currently has enough load capacity, but further investment in new infrastructure will continue.

It was explained that the CFE has feasibility studies to provide the necessary load capacity in anticipation of new investments in the State.

A direct communication line between the CEEA members and the CFE was also agreed upon to ensure the timely resolution of any power supply failures.

During the meeting, attended by the Council’s members led by Antonio Robledo Sánchez and the CFE Superintendent, José Francisco Medina Lucio, it was reported that there are over 600,000 electric energy service users in Aguascalientes, with 90% being residential users and the remainder being industrial users.

The businessmen were also informed of the readiness to address supply failures, which are mostly caused by road accidents, such as collisions with poles and transformers, especially on weekends.

The businessmen emphasized the significance of responding to these failures quickly, as every minute of a power outage has a considerable economic impact on production lines.


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