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Jetour plans to build an e-vehicle plant in Bajío

MEXICO – The Chinese automaker, Jetour, has announced its plans to establish a new assembly plant in Mexico by 2024. Jetour aims to invest nearly $3 billion to manufacture both electric and combustion cars for the local market. If established, this will be the company’s first plant in the Americas. According to Victor Villanueva, Jetour’s director in Mexico, the plant will be located in a prime location, possibly in the Bajío or Aguascalientes regions, but the final decision has not yet been made. Jetour will initially launch its X70 and X70 Plus SUV models in the country, with plans to introduce hybrid vehicles by 2024, following the completion of the plant’s construction plan.

Jose Centeno, a board member of LDR Solutions and Jetour’s business partner, also confirmed that the plant’s location will be determined in the next two months. The central region of the country, such as the Bajío region, is a possibility as it is important for distribution chains. The plant’s main focus will be to produce combustion cars for South America and electric cars for the United States and Canada.

Jetour’s move to set up a new plant in Mexico reflects the company’s commitment to expanding its presence globally. The Mexican market has great potential as it offers a strategic location and a robust automotive industry, making it an ideal destination for foreign investment. Jetour’s investment is expected to generate employment opportunities and boost the local economy.

The establishment of this new assembly plant marks a significant milestone for Jetour in its global expansion strategy. By leveraging Mexico’s strategic location, Jetour is well-positioned to penetrate the American market. The company’s decision to produce both electric and combustion cars reflects its commitment to promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

In conclusion, Jetour’s investment in Mexico’s automotive industry demonstrates the country’s potential as a hub for foreign investment. The establishment of the new assembly plant is expected to have a positive impact on the country’s economy and create new employment opportunities. Jetour’s decision to produce electric cars reflects its commitment to promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, which is in line with Mexico’s efforts to promote clean energy.


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