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FEMIA promotes the development of the aerospace industry in Mexico

MEXICALI, BC – Carlos Robles Alvarez, president of the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industry (FEMIA), reported that the fourth edition of the “Be an Aerospace Supplier” seminar, held at CETYS University in Mexicali, was a triumph.

According to Alvarez, “The seminar provided the chance to connect with important leading companies, both those that already have a presence in Mexico and those seeking to establish themselves here. This demonstrates the growing interest in the aerospace industry in Mexico.”

Enrique Maldonado Cervantes, responsible for Supply Chain Development at FEMIA, clarified that the goal of the seminar was to inform and assist companies that are interested in transitioning to the aerospace sector.

Maldonado Cervantes added that businesses from diverse industries such as automotive, petroleum, medical, and others attended the event, seeking to determine if they possess the capacity to fulfill the requirements of the aerospace industry.

The executive stated that companies already in the aerospace industry also attended with the aim of discovering new business opportunities.

He explained that both FEMIA, the clusters, the Economic Development Secretariats of different states, and industrial development commissions are available to assist them. For this reason, he requested that they approach and become informed.

In this manner, they can be guided on how to continue with their technical and personnel development, adapting their technical capacity, as the space industry requires extensive knowledge and is not simple, but neither impossible.

During the seminar, certifications were discussed extensively because depending on the suppliers’ processes, they may need to apply for additional certification. Quotations are also crucial in the industry, “if you genuinely want to compete and enter the industry, you need to invest time and effort into those quotes, review them, and ensure that they cover all requested and non-requested topics; be world-class,” he concluded.


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