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Difarmer to invest US$10 million in Coahuila

TORREON – Difarmer Cedis has declared that it will allocate US$10 million to expand its distribution center located in Torreon, Coahuila.

The investment made by the Difarmer family was acknowledged by the Secretary of Economy of the State, Claudio Bres Garza, who expressed gratitude, as this expansion will create 150 fresh job opportunities for La Laguna, leading to the progress of Torreon’s economy.

The strenuous work put in to attract investments and generate jobs in the five regions has resulted in the economic development of the entire state. Difarmer, which began as a family company in 1960 in Culiacan, Sinaloa, has now grown, with six distribution centers in Culiacan, Torreon, Puebla, León, Querétaro, and Mexicali.

It distributes high-quality generic medicines and is now implementing advanced technology in its new distribution centers.

The event was attended by the local presidents of Canaco and Canacintra, Mariano Serna Muñoz and Alejandro Gutiérrez, respectively, as well as the first councilman of Torreon, Luis Jorge Cuerda.


The development of Laguna Industrial Park is continuing to progress in order to offer the best resources to companies that wish to establish themselves in the Lagunera region. This will also help to promote foreign investment in our state.

During the announcement of Difarmer’s arrival, state authorities took a tour of the park and also took the opportunity to analyze the progress of Milwaukee Tool, a company dedicated to the manufacturing of power tools, which is expected to create 2,600 jobs when it begins operations in January 2021.


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