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Forvia invests US$147 million in new production plant in NL

APODACA, NL – Forvia, the French company, has opened a new factory in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, for producing automobile seats and interiors, creating 1,500 direct jobs.

The corporation invested $147 million in constructing the factory. Since 1997, Forvia has been present in Mexico. Globally, the business has 290 production plants operating in more than 40 nations.

Samuel Alejandro Garcia Sepulveda, the governor of Nuevo Leon, stated that with this kind of foreign investment, the state is prepared to compete in the economic sector with other countries. He noted that the region’s proximity, integration, and safety have resulted in 50% of nearshoring to Mexico being established there.

“Nuevo Leon is no longer competing with other states because we are the first place in practically all of Latin America. This metropolitan area of Monterrey is having an economic boom, which means we can’t compare ourselves to other states in Mexico but to other countries,” he said.

García Sepúlveda also emphasized that Nuevo Leon has become an automotive hub, and the arrival of nearshoring is due to the fast transportation of assembled products in the state.

“Any product assembled in Nuevo Leon can be delivered to any city in the United States in 24 hours; obviously in the south of the United States in two, four or six hours, but if you want to go to Seattle, New York, or New England, your product is ready in one day,” he said.

The Minister of Economy of Nuevo Leon, Iván Rivas Rodríguez, noted that the state is a benchmark for the automotive industry, with 125 confirmed investment projects since October 2021, and 26% of them are in this sector.

Nik Endrud, Executive Vice President, Americas, FORVIA Group said, “This new plant positions us to offer exceptional value to our customers and enhances our mission to pioneer technology for mobility experiences that matter to people.”


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