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MG Motor and SAIC to invest US$19 million in SLP

SAN LUIS POTOSI – The automaker MG Motor and SAIC, which have Chinese and British origins, will inject US$19 million in 2023 to enlarge the Parts Distribution Center located in San Luis Potosí.

This expansion will result in an increase of the storage area for spare parts for their automobiles from 3,000 square meters to 10,000 square meters.

It is noteworthy that this project aims to address the sales growth of over one hundred percent in the Mexican market.

Diego Garcia, the director of after-sales for MG Motor Mexico, stated that two years after the introduction of the brand in the nation, there is a requirement for additional space to accommodate the inventory of spare parts and car components for the marketed vehicles, including the spare parts of hybrid cars that will be launched in the country.

MG Motor anticipates a more substantial increase in sales by 2022, with a goal of achieving 5.5% of the market share in Mexico in terms of sales volume by the conclusion of 2023.

The British-Chinese brand intends to stock up to 206,000 parts, such as engines, doors, harnesses, and all kinds of automotive components demanded by the distributor, with the capacity to deliver roughly 2,200 parts per day, making deliveries throughout Mexico in no more than three days.


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