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Nuevo León could become the next Bitcoin hub in Latin America.

Samuel García, the governor of the state of Nuevo León, has committed to studying and promoting Bitcoin innovation as a technology to combat corruption and opacity. This and more news in this practical daily summary to keep you informed of the latest events happening within the crypto world.

Nuevo León shows increased interest in Bitcoin

📍 The governor of the state of Nuevo León has pledged to study and promote Bitcoin innovation. During the inauguration ceremony of Blockchain Land 2022, Nuevo León’s governor, Samuel García, stated that it is time for governments to seriously delve into blockchain innovation and cryptocurrencies.

García emphasized that Nuevo León is the most connected state in Latin America and now has a new constitution that is friendly to science, technology, and innovation.

Regarding Bitcoin, he assured that the state would begin promoting the creation of working groups to discuss the risks and benefits of this technological innovation. During the ceremony, the governor of the Mexican state acknowledged himself as a knowledgeable supporter of Bitcoin, stating that he has been convinced for years that it is a technological tool capable of combating corruption and opacity.

In Nuevo León, Mexican senator Indira Kempis is also advocating for Bitcoin adoption at the legislative level. Kempis proposed changes to Mexico’s Monetary Law in June of this year with the aim of legalizing Bitcoin and recognizing it as legal tender, similar to what El Salvador and the Central African Republic have done.

Senator Kempis defends Bitcoin innovation as a tool to promote financial inclusion and its underlying technology to provide greater transparency to public administration.

The state of Nuevo León also welcomed Web3, celebrating its first “The Web3 Talent Encounter” event last July.

📍 A MakerDAO governance proposal to invest $500 million in DAI in Treasury bonds has been approved by the cryptocurrency community of the DeFi protocol. On Twitter, MakerDAO developers announced that the MIP-65 improvement proposal, presented last June, has been approved by the community, making Maker the first decentralized finance protocol to invest a portion of its community balance in DAI into U.S. Treasury bonds.

More than 30% of Canadians will invest in cryptocurrencies next year

📍 According to a report published by the Ontario Securities Commission (Canada), over 30% of Canadians are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies in 2023. In their report “Buyer Aware: applying essential protections to the crypto world,” the Ontario Securities Commission stated that this month they will release the results of their own research on cryptocurrencies in the country, but already more than 30% of Canadian citizens have expressed their interest in investing in cryptocurrencies next year.

The regulator assured that despite the nearly 70% drop in the cryptocurrency market’s value in 2022, the interest in digital assets continues to rise.

The Ontario Securities Commission acknowledged that crypto assets and blockchain technology offer significant benefits to businesses and companies due to their capacity for immutable records. They also pointed out that crypto assets can modernize capital markets by significantly reducing transaction costs and improving efficiency.

Grayscale ventures into cryptocurrency mining

📍 Grayscale’s new division, Grayscale Digital Infrastructure Opportunities, enables investment in Bitcoin mining hardware. The digital asset management company is launching a new division focused on cryptocurrency mining to strengthen and grow the ecosystem.

As reported, this new division will offer private co-investment opportunities in mining hardware to bolster the Bitcoin ecosystem. Michael Sonnenshein, CEO of Grayscale, stated that the company is uniquely positioned to lower the entry barriers to the crypto world, from providing direct investor exposure to digital assets to investing in mining infrastructure.


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