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Nuevo León reaches 25 billion dollars in Foreign Direct Investment

NUEVO LEON – During the “Nuevo León Updates” event, Governor Samuel García announced that the region achieved a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) influx of $25.3 billion.

From October 2021 to August 2023, a total of 164 undertakings have been verified, comprising 87 novel investments and 77 expansions.

“We stand as one of the select Mexican states capable of ensuring secure investments. This is precisely why Tesla selected Nuevo León, and why not just three, but four or even five companies are opting to establish their presence here on a weekly basis,” the governor conveyed.

Furthermore, he guaranteed that out of all the nearshoring endeavors directed at Latin America, 48% will be directed towards Nuevo Leon.

The governor conveyed that the state is set to receive investments from Indian enterprises, propelling the FDI figure to surpass $30 billion.

Of the entire pool of 164 endorsed initiatives, an impressive 110,198 fresh employment opportunities have been engendered; during the period spanning January to July 2023 alone, the creation of 70,292 new jobs has been noted.

It’s noteworthy that in 2023, Nuevo Leon secures the top spot nationwide in terms of new job generation, outpacing Jalisco, which ranks second and has produced 48,184 positions.


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