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ZF expands production of electronic components in Monterrey

NUEVO LEON – ZF Group initiated large-scale production of advanced electronic and power-assisted driving components for its Electronics & ADAS division in Nuevo Leon. The facility has a workforce of 120 individuals and is projected to create an additional 380 jobs by 2025.

The establishment, which employs 120 workers, represents ZF’s inaugural manufacturing venture in the state of Nuevo Leon. Its operations primarily involve the production of cutting-edge electronic parts for passenger automobiles, contributing to the enhancement of occupant safety.

Recently, the facility commenced the mass production of the Smart Camera 4.8, the initial monocular camera equipped with a 100-degree horizontal field of view and a 1.8-megapixel image sensor that enables various functionalities such as automatic emergency braking (AEB), adaptive cruise control (ACC), and lane keeping assist (LKA).

Furthermore, the manufacturing of the IBC2 brake control systems will commence in the forthcoming months. This particular ZF solution offers exceptional performance for automatic emergency braking, complete energy recovery, and redundant feedback options, capable of supporting fully automated driving for the passenger car and light truck sectors.

“ZF is at the forefront of the mobility revolution, providing technology for electric and autonomous vehicles. To actively participate in this transformation is an immense challenge and a privilege for the Monterrey team,” stated Miguel Acuña, Plant Manager of ZF Monterrey.

Monterrey serves as the inaugural ZF plant in Mexico dedicated to the production of Smart Camera 4.8 technology. This product is also manufactured in facilities located in the United States, Europe, and Asia. ZF stands as the leading supplier of front cameras, serving over a dozen light vehicle manufacturers globally.


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