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Safran Cabin to expand its operations in Chihuahua

CHIHUAHUASafran Cabin, a leading global manufacturer of aviation products, has announced an investment of $16.3 million to expand its manufacturing operations in Chihuahua, Mexico. The company aims to generate 580 new job opportunities through this initiative.

Jorge Ortega, the CEO of Safran Cabin, revealed this development to Governor Maru Campos during an interview conducted at the Paris Air Show 2023 Aerospace Fair.

This expansion project will involve the diversification of Safran Cabin’s production activities to include the manufacturing of turbine components for the Airbus A330neo aircraft. To facilitate this transition, the company will establish an Engineering Center, which will commence operations this year with a team of 50 specialists. There are plans to expand the center’s workforce to up to 200 professionals in the near future.

It is important to note that Safran Cabin selected Chihuahua as the location for its first manufacturing facility following the acquisition of American Industries’ Aero-tech operation. The company currently operates six business units in the state, employing over 4,000 individuals. Safran Cabin serves as the primary employer within the local aerospace sector and holds a significant position nationwide.


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